Optimal glare-free working conditions

Wacker Neuson's light balloon features a compact design providing light where you need it with maximum flexibility. ideally suited for general job site illumination, road work, indoor/outdoor illumination of concrete pours and party rentals. The rugged, simple construction allows for use almost anywhere a reliable light source is needed. A powerful and portable package to light your job site.
  • The actual balloon is constructed from a special foldable and durable material. The balloon does not need to be blown up. It is held open by metal supports.
  • The diffused light from the balloon reduces shadows and contrast for bright, clear illumination.
  • The tripod can be raised to more than 13.5 ft./5 m for maximum light coverage.
  • For added stability, the tripod is secured to the ground with a standard anchoring system.
  • The LB 1 folds into a compact package for easy storage and transport.

Light intensity at a distance to the light balloon:

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