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  • Something new for your bucket list - new skid steer and compact track loaders

    Wacker Neuson is introducing a new line of medium frame skid steer and compact track loaders that are the ideal fit for a variety of applications. Four new skid steer and two new compact track loaders were developed from the ground up, offering the power and torque needed to lift more, push more, work longer and maneuver through challenging job site obstacles.

  • Wacker Neuson’s new telescopic wheel loader can move loads further and faster

    Wacker Neuson’s newest telescopic wheel loader offers reach and stability in one machine. The 8085T is the only all wheel steer loader with a telescopic boom available and with an extended reach of over 15 feet, the applications are endless for loading, stacking and dumping materials. Because of the all wheel steer design with a constant center of gravity in the middle of the machine, the 8085T is extremely stable and provides a constant payload regardless of whether the machine is going straight or turning.

  • Wacker Neuson’s newest excavators offer cutting-edge performance and fuel economy

    Wacker Neuson’s latest generation of excavators are a ground-up redesign offering cutting-edge performance in a very compact package. The new machines are significantly stronger and have gained some weight compared to the previous models while fitting in a smaller envelope. The ET65 and ET90 compact track excavators were designed with the users’ daily challenges as the focus. The technical innovations combine simple, intuitive operation with high performance and increased fuel economy.

  • Wacker Neuson offers new double-drum walk-behind roller – RD7

    Wacker Neuson has reengineered its class-leading walk-behind tandem rollers making them easier to operate and service as well as improving compaction performance. The RD7 models are designed for a wide range of soil and asphalt compaction applications and are now available with a choice of diesel or gasoline engines.

  • Wheeled dumper take bulk material handling to a new level

    Wacker Neuson’s newest dumpers, the DW60 and DW90, are a versatile bulk material mover that saves time and money on any job site. The articulated, hydrostatic 4-wheel drive DW60 and DW90 dumpers are designed to carry full payloads across rough terrain, muddy conditions and steep hills. Fit the same machine with turf tires and the Wacker Neuson dumpers become the perfect material movers for more sensitive ground conditions.

  • Wacker Neuson’s new flex shaft vibrator motors designed for long service life

    Wacker Neuson has introduced two new motors for its popular HMS flex shaft vibration system. The new “M” motors, M1500 and M2500, combined with a variety of heads and shafts, provide optimum concrete consolidation for every type of application.

  • Wacker Neuson announces 2014 rammer line with new innovations

    Wacker Neuson rammers have been shaking up the industry for over 80 years. During this time, Wacker Neuson engineers have continued to make improvements that keep Wacker Neuson’s signature product the best-selling rammers in the world. In 2014, new upgrades to the line will further improve durability, operator comfort and extend the life the of the machines.

  • Introducing the E1250 Hydronic Surface Heater by Wacker Neuson

    Wacker Neuson Climate Technology introduces the new E1250 Hydronic Ground Heater for the 2014-2015 heating season. At 138,000 BTU/hr and 1250 feet of hose, the E1250 provides reliable mobile heat for any jobsite application. Three configurations are available, the Value Package, the Standard Package and the Premium Package to fit your specific heat needs and your budget requirements.

  • Wacker Neuson’s Pro+ power steer ride-on trowels offers true ergonomics and productivity

    Wacker Neuson is expanding its power steer ride-on trowel line with the addition of a gasoline powered unit. The new 35-hp Vanguard powered CRT 48-35V-PS is an innovative power trowel that combines hydraulics and electronics to create a true power steer system. The CRT 48-35V-PS and the previously introduced Kohler diesel power model, CRT 48-35L-PS (CRT-PS) are Pro+ ride-on trowels that bridge the gap between the professional/mechanical steer and the super-pro hydraulic steer models in the industry. While the new gasoline model provides a durable, lower cost alternative, either model is an excellent choice for large pours where the operator uses the machine for extended periods of time and on elevated deck pours where heavy weight full hydraulic machines cannot be used safely.

  • Wacker Neuson introduces ultra-clean burning diesel mobile generator

    Wacker Neuson has expanded its mobile generator fleet with a new 256 kW/320 kVA model. The new G 320 is the largest in a fleet of 10 model sizes available. Utilizing the latest Cummins diesel emissions technology engine, this durable sound attenuated generator provides mobile, prime power for larger applications requiring quiet dedicated power. The G 320 is especially suited for areas requiring Best Available Technology (BAT) to meet the most stringent Environmental Protection Agency (EPA ) and California Air Resource Board air standards.